Ideas for our School Customers
           Top of Markerboards (Standard with us)
           Top of Tackboards
           Side and Rear Classroom Walls
           Art Lab Walls
           Corridor Walls
ReFaceing Old Chalkboards is the most economical way of
having new markerboards in your school.
Display Cases and Bulletin Boards may not have been
installed when your school was built, are designed to safely
Interactive White Boards inspires students by turning classroom
lessons into interactive experiences.
  Florida Chalkboard Co
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Display Rails can be used at several location in your
           Work can be done overnight
           Ready for use the next morning
           No demolition of old chalkboards
           Trophies and Awards
           Student Art Work
           Important Information and Notices
            Designed for the classroom
            Completely interactive with computer
            Teach computer programs in front of class
            Take notes, highlight, edit