White LCS Markerboard writing surface
Quartz Designer fabric bulletin board inside doors (other
materials and other colors available)
Inside of doors has display rail with cork insert and spring clip
Furnished with 1 white sketching pad; 4 assorted LCS markers
and one eraser.
Standard Finishes
Oak, with Natural, Medium or Dark
Walnut, with Natural or Oil
Mahogany, with Natural or Stain
Maple, with Natural
Cherry, with Stain
Ebony, Almond, and Greystone Lacquer
Plastic Laminates (Contemporary Style only)
Method of Installation
Concealed hangers for easy and secure installation
LCS inside doors in lieu of bulletin board
Pull-down Projection Screen
Fluorescent Light
Custom Finishes
Brass Color Accent Inlay (Contemporary style units have one
accent strip; Traditional units have two.)
Matching Credenza
Traditional style Lecture & Credenza units
feature square corners.
Contemporary style Lecture & Credenza
units feature radius corners (square
corners optional)
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